A site is born

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So I finished creating the first of my WordPress sites, the portfolio site which will be my calling card and showcase all of my projects from now on. And I’ve moved my blog here too, so everything related to web development is now in one place.

I used the versatile X theme, which I paid money for, and which comes with the easy-to-use Cornerstone interface. The only issue I found with that is that if you make changes outside of Cornerstone, it won’t open it any more, so you have to commit to using that interface.

I’m pretty happy with how the site looks, although no doubt I will continue tweaking it as time goes on. Making it taught me a lot about how to work with themes and get things looking how you want them. I enjoyed the process quite a lot and am looking forward to starting on my second site today.

I’ve also started to pitch for paid gigs on Freelancer.com, although I haven’t had any luck with that so far. Hopefully if I persist my efforts will pay off eventually.

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