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My second site is nearly finished. It’s an e-commerce site selling a 40-minute piece of ambient music that I created specially for this purpose, woven together from found sounds and audio experiments and musical excursions. I have really enjoyed the entire process of putting it together and it gives it a special significance to make a site for something that’s so personal.

I’m not going to share the site until it’s completely finished, though, and the main stumbling block at the moment is finding a reliable way of putting audio snippets to stream on the product page. I actually purchased a plugin for this purpose but I haven’t managed to get it to work yet.

Aside from this I’ve read some more of Jon Duckett’s excellent HTML/CSS book, and I’ve also just completed the Codecademy PHP course this evening. It had me scratching my head in places but I actually really like that. And tomorrow I’m going to dip my toe in some Ruby.

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