A good kind of busy

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It’s been too long since I last updated this blog, and part of the reason is that I’ve been too busy – in a good way. Because, after throwing myself into coding as a leap of faith back in April, I’ve reached the point where I’m actually making a living from it. Which is something I’m very happy about. I’m … Read More

Opening soon

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My second site is nearly finished. It’s an e-commerce site selling a 40-minute piece of ambient music that I created specially for this purpose, woven together from found sounds and audio experiments and musical excursions. I have really enjoyed the entire process of putting it together and it gives it a special significance to make a site for something that’s … Read More

A site is born

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So I finished creating the first of my WordPress sites, the portfolio site which will be my calling card and showcase all of my projects from now on. And I’ve moved my blog here too, so everything related to web development is now in one place. I used the versatile X theme, which I paid money for, and which comes … Read More


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I’ve been persisting with Rob Percival’s course which has progressed from Javascript to the flashy features of JQuery and Bootstrap. I do like the way the course sets challenges that force you to figure out how to use the code from scratch yourself, as this is the best way to learn and it avoids the feeling of being spoonfed knowledge. … Read More

The journey begins…

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Hello and welcome to my blog, in which I talk about my experiences of learning to be a web developer. I’m a 39-year-old Londoner and I worked for 15 years in magazine publishing as a writer and editor. But the time feels right for a career change and I’ve been teaching myself to program as a new professional skill, and … Read More